Alexis Green
Johannesburg Photographer, Graphic Designer, Web Designer,
Illustrator, Re-toucher & Fine Artists, based in Johannesburg.

Capturing moments fulfilled with overwhelming emotional qualities – that heave you into the artwork. Playfully each view conspires a new story upon each on-looker. Creating juxtapositions using colour, styling and the varying personalities of the subject matter.

Visionary creative & business
entrepreneur; a young woman
outspoken, driven & vivacious.

Ardently creating covert beauty in life remains my passion. First Love & my reason for living! Not only do I create but I am a business entrepreneur at heart. Would have to say that business & creating go hand in hand, oil & water but with the correct spice, it can conjure up a real treat! Enhancing life with my arts & nourishing a thirst for the ever seeking enthusiast creature – which depravity encapsulates at the day end. Only a decadent creation can recapture lost youth in one’s mind & eye.